Agriculture Specialist


Plans, organizes, and manages the operation of a large farm with several major subdivisions such as dairy crops or cattle.

Plans and directs the management program of a large beef or dairy herd.

Supervises the maintenance of farm facilities, machinery, and equipment.

Prepares budget estimates and recommendations for personnel, equipment, and operating supplies.

Plans a wide variety of research programs, experimental projects, and tests with research scientists.

Sets up and adapts research facilities, methods, and procedures.

Plans breeding programs and assists in calving difficulties.

Selects, trains, and supervises farm and herd personnel.

Supervises dairy operations; grows, harvests, and stores forage and grain crops; maintains an appropriate system of pasture management.

Maintains breeding, feeding, registration, herd health, and milk production records.

Handles transfers, cattle sales, and exhibits.

Maintains appropriate health and sanitary standards in milking operations.

Purchases farm supplies and equipment.

Collects samples and records various kinds of research data; prepares research and project reports.

Supervises artificial insemination of cattle; schedules preventive treatments, and maintains normal herd health standards.

Formulates feed rations.

Prepares periodic reports and maintains appropriate files and records.

Performs related work as required.

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