Health and Safety

About Health & Safety

Aurea Draconis and our partners are committed to striving towards the safest possible working environment and carrying out all our business activities in a sustainable manner by: 

  • engaging with our partners, our clients and our staff to ensure that health and safety remains a top priority and everyone is contributing and taking responsibility for it. 
  • constantly striving to improve health and safety in all aspects of our business.
  •  providing a healthy and safe workplace for all staff, partners, vendors, contractors and visitors to all locations where we are present.


  1. We ensure that health and safety is one of the priority items on the agenda item on each meeting of the partners and to be the first item in the CEO’s management report to all partners.
  2. Health and safety considerations will be incorporated into all planning and all levels of decision-making.
  3. We strive to provide adequate resources, equipment and training for employees at all levels to fulfil their responsibilities in relation to health and safety work practices and activities.
  4. We continuously improve and Implement systems, standards and processes, to enable all activities to be carried out in a safe and healthy manner.
  5. We will develop measurable KPIs for all health and safety targets.
  6. We will adhere to and ensure that the performance of our personnel will be in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


To incorporate health and safety protocols in everything we do, we will:

  1. Empower managers and supervisors to adopt, display and actively set examples of safe and healthy work practices in all areas of operations.
  2. Assess and if needed adjust the health and safety related activities and their impact on our operations.
  3. Categorize and report workplace hazards and incidents and take proactive action to mitigate potential incidents to people, property and the environment.
  4. Inform the Board about serious workplace hazards, reportable incidents, and corrective/preventative actions taken or recommended.
  5. Ensure that all personnel will adhere to the applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice and standards.
  6. Constantly monitor and evaluate health and safety performance in accordance with our requirements.
  7. Develop and implement a risk management approach to the utilization of contractors, partners, staff and 3rd party personnel so that potential risks to health and safety are identified, assessed and controlled allowing them to work safely at all times.
  8. Develop and maintain emergency, fire protection and security systems and facilities to protect people, environment and property.
  9. Continuously improve our health and safety standards.


We will:

  1. Appoint capable people who demonstrate awareness of and commitment to health and safety practices, are willing to challenge inappropriate behaviors and role-model health and safety leadership at every opportunity.
  2. Provide our people with training and development opportunities to ensure that every activity is carried out in accordance with the company’s health and safety requirements.
  3. Communicate with relevant key stakeholders in relation to the company’s activities.
  4. Ensure employees, contractors and visitors who work at or make use of company facilities operate in a manner that fulfils the organization’s OH&S obligations and requirements.

We will also adopt the following key essential principles in conducting our operations in a safe and healthy routine:

Strong and active leadership from the top:

  • visible, active commitment from senior management, CEO and the Board establishing effective ‘downward’ communication systems and management structure
  • integration of sound health and safety management with business decisions.

Employee involvement:

  • engaging the workforce in the promotion and achievement of safe and healthy conditions
  • effective ‘upward’ communication
  • providing/participating in quality training and development.

Assessment and review:

  • identifying and managing health and safety risks
  • accessing (and following) competent advice
  • monitoring, reporting and reviewing performance.

Contractor involvement:

  • work carried out under contract complies with all applicable legislation, company policies, standards and procedures, as well as with all other codes and regulations
  • provides maximum benefit to the company’s activities and operations while ensuring the health and safety of all employees, contractors, sub-contractors, visitors, customers and the environment
  • there is effective communication and consultation between TIL and the contractor.

Workplace health and safety will remain our top priority in everything we do, and we will ensure that all employees, managers, supervisors, contractors and corporate management are actively engaged in this vision