Infrastructure & Engineering

Aurea Draconis and its infrastructure partners, design infrastructure solutions that make the world a greener and better place. With proven experience in engineering, construction, planning, operation and maintenance, Aurea Draconis is the best choice for your infrastructure needs. We apply innovative techniques to minimize life cycle costs and maximize value for our partnersβ€”from high-performance buildings, to water treatment plants, irrigation systems, WASH facilities, and roads and bridges.Β  We focus on infrastructure not as an isolated sector. For us, it is a system of systems approach, carefully balancing the interdependency of critical infrastructure, its sustainability and financial viability.Β 

What we do

In keeping with our full-service reputation and partner-focused approach, Aurea Draconis provides the complete range of services to the infrastructure sector. Whether the project is a rural road in a remote area in South East Asia, a major hospital or clinic in a capital city, an environmental assessment, an irrigation system for a large agriculture business or a green school building, our professional, experienced staff will provide support from conception through study, design, and construction.

We combine international capability and resources with local knowledge and expertise in planning, permitting, design, construction administration, and program management consulting for buildings, transport & water systems, agriculture water and supply chain facilities (WASH facilities, cold-storage, dry-storage).Β