Telecommunication (Legal & Regulatory)

With over 10 years of experience working with the Broadcast, Telecoms and Data sectors, we are specialized in providing technological solutions, consultation, technical support, financial & technical studies, project management inside and outside of south east Asia. From major telecoms equipment manufacturers to national network operators, over the years we have gathered invaluable multi-discipline knowledge and hands-on expertise to offer our clients. A special department is focusing on legal and policy structures and is providing our partners with all requirements from feasibility studies and legal frameworks for challenging tasks like a full-fledged G5 roll-outs.

Our team consists of professionals who have worked within different sectors of the business – service providers, design consultants, MNC operators and vendors. 

At Aurea Draconis, we are continuously evaluating and assessing suitable and strategic niche technologies and partnerships across industries for deployment in different sectors like the oil and gas industry to further enhance our strengths and thrive excellence and innovation.